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Trees and Forests

Layers of the Forest

The Canopy -  this is where the sun hits the leaves f the trees. It is made up of the overlapping branches and leaves of trees.

The Understory the area where small trees and shrubs grow between the forest canopy and the forest floor.

The Forest Floor  the above-ground layer of a forest made up of tree roots, soil and decaying (rotting) matter.

The Subfloor - this is the basement of the forest. It is where the roots of trees grow: underground.

Nutrient Cycle of the Forest

Energy Source - the sun is called an ENERGY SOURCE because it is the main source of energy for most of life on EARTH.
Producers - Plants are called PRODUCERS because they make their own food inside themselves through a process called photosynthesis (photo = light, synthesis = make). Producers use cellular respiration to supply the energy they need to survive.

Consumers - Many organisms are called CONSUMERS because they cannot make their own food so they must get their food and energy from other things that they CONSUME (EAT).  Consumers can be herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores.

Decomposers (click here) - Fungi and bacteria are called DECOMPOSERS because they eat dead plants and animals and decompose them (reduce them to more simple forms of matter). They are cleaners of the environment.  Plants then use these nutrients to produce more food for themselves.

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